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So, here goes:

Simon, long-suffering husband of nearly 3 years. Taught himself French because I wouldn’t. Studies, runs, works, plays all the instruments (mostly guitar and piano) and then learns languages to relax.

Patapon, does have an actual name (Jude), he just rarely goes by it. Hilarious toddler. Thinks that cars and duplo are the meaning of life. Is not wrong.

Gabriel, does no have a silly nickname yet, but don't you worry, it will happen. Does not look even a little bit like his big brother.
Enjoys eating, sleeping and crying. Does all these things very well.

And then there’s me. I moved to England from Paris in 2008 for a year, and then kind of stuck around. Raving Anglophile when I moved here, now I am more of an Amused Anglophile. I taught history and languages at university, in secondary schools and privately. I started a PhD in history and quit shortly after Patapon was born, but I still like to write, so this here blog was born.

I share about the trials and amusements of balancing two cultures, being a fake historian and the adventures of Patapon. Also, I love to cook, knit and calligraphy (it’s a verb now) and that probably shows a bit. I am currently teaching myself to sew and embroider (because I aim to be an accomplished lady of the nineteenth century – though I can’t vouch for the “certain something in [my] air and manner of walking”, you’ll have to ask Simon. Plus I can’t play the piano.)

The title of this blog is technically a quote, because, “once, I was a scholar” and because I am quite literally, a piece of the continent on these shores. The fact that the rest of the quote actually refers to the inter-connectedness of all human beings is open to all your wildest philosophical analyses.

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