Friday, 1 May 2015

7QT : Harry Potter shame and Northern heart-throbs


I have written a post about how much I hate having to leave my baby at nursery to go to work. But I am worried that if I post it, I will break the internet. Or, more likely, lose all my friends. Because who complains about being lucky enough to have a job that feeds the family? Me, apparently.

Patapon has taken a sudden liking for animal sounds of all kinds, he thinks it’s the best thing ever in the universe, flaps his hands and screams with glee when I do it. Weirdo. Not really, it’s adorable!

I did a quiz on the internet, secure and confident in my ability to call to mind huge quantities of Harry Potter trivia, and then, and then... I failed to remember that Harry Potter is the Master of Death, because he is the only one who gathered all the Deathly Hallows. I am deeply ashamed of myself and may have to hand in my HP-fan card.

I have been struck by a revelation: Mr Darcy, Heathcliff, Mr Thornton, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, they are all from the North! I live in an intensely romantic region! Haha! Of course, so are Richard III and Mr Norell, but, you win some you lose some, I suppose.

We got Darcy! <little dance of joy>

I think I am going to have to admit that I am simply not that taken by Chesterton’s Francis of Assisi. But I love G.K so! And I loved Thomas Aquinas so! I think I may be broken. Actually, thinking about it and #3, I definitely am.

Don't worry Gilbert, you're still my fave

 We watched My Fair Lady the other day (told you, definition of cool around here), and am I the only one who thinks the film makes absolutely no sense? I mean, the play already made very little sense, despite Shaw's lengthy explanation at the end of how his characters are basically doomed to mediocre lives of bitterness and strife, but although the epilogue doesn't show (Shaw! See what I did there?) a very insightful understanding of human nature, at least it gives us an idea of what the author intended. "Eliza, where are my slippers?" makes no sense whatever.
Is she coming back to stay? Are they getting married? Is she marrying Freddy like in the play? I don't understand!

4 years ago today, I went on my first date with Simon. He said (still does) “Blimey!” and “Jolly good!”, who could have resisted?

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