Friday, 25 September 2015

{SQT} 7 Quick Jude-isms

I apologise in advance for finding these hilarious and thinking they are worth sharing. Please humour the doting mother.


Jude is starting to talk, and creating a happy mixture of French and English at the moment. We may or may not encourage him.

For example, he says "bEEEEze" [please, for those among you who don't speak toddler] in a very commanding voice when he wants us to read a book or give him more raspberries (How many raspberries are enough raspberries I hear you ask? All the raspberries.) but he says "MAT-ze" [merci] to express his thankfulness. 


Banane is betting he will systematically pick the shorter of the two options he has and create his own Frenglish-for-lazies.



He is turning into a right little Englishman nonetheless, as he gets ridiculously excited when Daddy makes "TEA!" and expresses his frustration with a very restrained "oh! dear!"

TEA! Guys! TEA! Over here!


The Frenchness pierces through, though, as he has developed a special brand of complain-y "oh naaaaaaan" to mock his mother. 

I couldn't catch it on camera, so here is the closest approximation.

Oh, naaaaan!


He charges around the house at top speed, doing nothing much other than, you know, charging around.

Such photos only come in blurry setting. Sorry.

He thinks it's the best game ever and you can hear his uproarious laughter zooming away then back.

He also thinks going "au dodo" is the best thing ever.

Strange boy.


Parenting is a tough thing to do, especially under the sharp observing eye of our offspring. 

Why Jude has started telling himself "non Jude! [mumble, mumble, mumble]" I couldn't possibly imagine.

He also knows exactly what he is not supposed to do, and will generally come to check on me shaking his head or saying "no! no! no!" if I am not prompt enough to correct him.

No, no, no.

I can't decide whether this is a parenting fail or a win.


He HATES having his face wiped (which is a problem, since he has also decided that he would rather starve than have us help him, and he is not exactly skillful with his spoon yet). So he does a dramatic "TA -TAAAA -TAAAAAAAA" every time the wipes come out.

I certainly do NOT need to be cleaned up, mother.

And still wriggles his way through it.

We may have started referring to the wipes as "the Tatata".

Or not. Surely we would have a sense of how ridiculous we sound.


Jude is also very interested in his soon-arriving sibling and will point at my bump saying "bébé" every time he gets a chance.

Although he sometimes misses, and locates the baby in my thigh, bottom, the top-button of my jeans, his own bellybutton or Simon's arm.

I don't know if this is a sign of too much Greek mythology, or not enough anatomy lessons.

Thank you for indulging me. Now off to Kelly for takers with substance.


  1. I love toddler speak! My oldest is 3 now (John). When he was just barely 2 I heard him in his room going "Gotta reach the ball. Yea! Got it! Good job John!"
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Bless him! Nothing like a toddler to hand you a mirror of yourself!

  2. So cute! I'm glad you took the time to record this and share it.