Friday, 24 April 2015

7 Quick Takes: Should I Start a Blog?


 I have been reading many Catholic mums’ blogs for a couple of years now. I love following other families’ thoughts and lives as they unfold, and feeling part of a community (devout Catholics are thin on the ground where I live – although there are some!). They teach me a lot, they reassure me a lot, and they often make me laugh.

Kendra, for example, is my life guru. I even met her once, in person, and I completely missed the opportunity to go all fan-girl on her (mostly because her and her family are such lovely people they gave me the impression they were really interested in my life and in my ramblings about the French Revolution, but also because I am awkward. So I was being awkward. Unless I was rambling. Plus I was eight-month pregnant, that’s always a valid excuse for anything, right?)

So, the internet is full of these wonderful people, and I started wondering, should I join in?


I have recently stopped my PhD in history, and whilst it was the right decision, I do miss writing and getting a reaction back. However, I do not have the self-discipline and the singleness of purpose to try and write a book (otherwise, I’ve got a friend who could help!).

So blogging feels like a good fit.

Not my actual books.



The trickiest question for me is, if I write, should I write in English or in French? Because most of the blogs I read are in English, English feels like a more comfortable blogging voice. However, if I write in English, most of my French family is excluded, which also robs me of even the reassuring comment by my mum which would prove to me SOMEONE is reading.

But, a little mortification is not a bad thing.


Also, are my motivations laudable? There is this line from the Litany of Humility that sat uncomfortably with me as I was considering blogging: “From the desire of being loved...” Am I just seeking personal gratification? 

But then again, there is no guarantee I would get any kind of reaction. The internet, it is big my friend! Besides, I hear the blogging world is on the wane anyway (aaah, jumping late on the bandwagon, the story of my life!) Plus, I am bad at taking risks, so I can call it therapy.

And a little mortification is not a bad thing.


Do I have anything to say? I am a mother of ONE, and he is 9 months. I am hardly the font of advice the internet needed.

But a good one.

On the other hand, I am a French person living in England, trying to raise my son a Catholic in a hostile environment whilst balancing two cultures. And I can talk about history. I used to be PhD candidate after all, so I may still have a couple of insights to offer, right?



How do I even start a blog? My photography skills are minimal, and my technological know-how at the nadir. Well, I had reached that point in my deliberations, when Simcha stepped in the other day; so maybe, I’ll give it a go!


Looks like it’s happening! Run to the woods!


  1. Stopping by from 7QT. Yes, do it! Blogging is so much fun and helps you stay connected. So cool that you live in England. My brother and his wife spent two years in Billericay. Welcome to the blogging world!

    1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying it so far :-D

  2. WElcome, Newbie! Perhaps post mostly in English but with a French post once in a while? Or tag some French onto the end? Hope you enjoy blogging!

    1. Hello! And thank you! I think that's the route I am going to go. My mum is clamouring for me to translate as well, but it's not as fun!

  3. I stopped in because you linked to the 7QT thing, and I'm entranced! You're now on my feedly. I will have to research your posts to find out how you come to be French *and* and observant Catholic, because I didn't think there were many of that kind of animal these days. And no, I'm not a Francophobe. In fact, if you weren't a native speaker, I'd probably burst out in French now, but I don't want to embarrass myself any more than I already have.

    Ahem. Never mind. Carry on.

    1. Thanks, that's lovely to hear!
      We are a rare breed indeed, but there are a few of us knocking about! I've got a Reversion Story post in the works where I shall explain all :-D
      Also, feel free to French away!

  4. I read this. Stop pretending you got any feedback as a PhD student.
    But I am also both nosey and lazy and this pleases both impulses S x x

    1. Well, you do get feedback. Everything you write is read, taken apart and commented on by supervisors, sometimes also by other PhDs, and by other scholars in the case of articles.