Sunday, 14 June 2015

Answer Me This: 14.06.2015

One of the things I most wanted to be able to do, back when I didn't have a blog, was to somehow be able to join the fun link-ups.

Lo and behold, I have a blog!

So, without further ado: 

Answering [Kendra] This

1: Any big plans this summer?

Why, I am glad you asked, yes I do! Obviously some travelling to France will happen, or Patapon's French family will probably come over and kidnap him anyway, but the BIG one, is that I am going to try to get my driving licence (gasp, shock, fear, no, no, no, I don't want to).

Now, I suppose that for Americans, I am basically admitting to not knowing how to read or something equally basic, but, you know, Europe is quite small and condensed, and I have lived in cities most of my adult life, where it makes more sense to avoid the nightmare of parking and just ride the bus (or m├ętro, you choose your poison).

Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, we can't actually afford a car at the mo, but we probably will be able to when Simon finishes studying (counting down the years... ok, months... ok, I'm actually counting down the days - all 779 of them) and I will probably (maybe?) be glad to drive then. 

And because of other things, now is an ok-ish time to do it.

So, yeah, if you live in Britain, stay off the roads come August.

2: What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

Hmmm, let me see... Not Father Christmas, didn't have time, my big brother told me straight away. 
I was convinced the lady who lived next-door to our school was a witch (so did most of the school), and that there was a secret castle hidden behind the big wall opposite the entrance of the school.

3: What is your favourite amusement park ride?

Well, I am not very well-versed in amusement parks, but, around Paris, much as we love Disney...

And we do love Disney...

... I'm afraid the better rides are here. Which is sad, because it closes in the winter (booh!).

4: What's on your summer reading list?

Apart from this you mean?

Boo-oo, I just want to cry
Probably lots of re-reads, Narnia, Harry Potter, Jane Austen and Middlemarch are on a yearly rotation. And lots of crime fiction. This series is great so far.

I'm also currently finishing Paradise Lost (love it, who'da thunk it?), next I'm reading The Divine Comedy, it's happening. Pinky swear. 

Also, why is this man not writing more Thursday Next novels? I'm having withdrawal symptoms. (If you haven't read any of his novels, do. And how I envy you! I have none left to read.)

5: Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

Yup. All the time. Buses, trains, boats. But I suspect this question is mostly about pictures, right?

6: What is your favourite smell?

Not lavender essential oil (more on that next week). Otherwise, probably frangipane (a key ingredient of the Galette des Rois of awesomeness). My sister found me a shower gel that smells of it (my sister is awesome), but it ran out. My sister needs to get on this. 

Galette des Rois

Banane?! (That's not her real name, she's called Sophie, like a normal non-fruit person).


  1. My brother and his wife lived in England for two years and he said the driving test was BRUTAL! Like there is insane level of detail in what you have to do, and if you skip one tiny little step, you fail. He passed, but never really felt comfortable driving on the left. Good luck in your studying!

    1. Oh dear... I already passed the theory, but... not good news!

  2. On Gran Hotel, Julio just saw the chauffeur drive a couple of times, and then he could do it just fine. And that show is VERY realistic. So, you'll be fine.

    1. Yup. Gran Hotel is the true fount of all knowledge :-) Piece of cake!

  3. I have never lived in a city with public transportation that is really usable (only one city in the state even has a metro!), but when I've been overseas, that's all I've used & it's something I feel is a way better system (I love how even little rural towns are connected by rail!) So, I'm a bit jealous that you've never needed a license. Good luck on the test!

    1. Thanks! And I like to pretend I use public transport solely because, you know, environment and stuff, but really, it's a lot easier than getting a license!

  4. Good luck on the driving test! I only wish we had such good public transportation over here. Needing a car to get to work poses a real hardship for the working poor where I live.